Caldarium M.C.C, was founded in August of 2000, originally there where six Founder Members,
but now only two of the original six are still Members of the Club.
Our Membership ranges from 18yrs to 60 plus, from Housewives, Carers, Warehouseman to Accountants, we are basically one big happy family.
We own and ride Motorbikes, mopeds and Trikes. Although our Membership does change (number wise) we seem to very quickly settle back at around thirty mark.
The unusual thing about us, as opposed to most other ‘side patch’ clubs, it that our membership is pretty much fifty-fifty, male-female membership and in the Officers too.

The club members meet fortnightly at Littlemore Rugby Club, and like to consider ourselves to be a family friendly Club.
Although saying that, we’re not everyone’s cuppa tea! And not everywhere we go or everything we do is suitable for too younger a peeps.
On the whole we are one big happy family, anyone found trying to change that in the negative is quickly detected and removed.
We are also part of the Thames Valley Coalition, and once a month we meet up with other motorcycle clubs from all over the Thames Valley Region. It’s proven to be a great way of meeting other clubs and co-ordinating our events trying to make sure that they don’t clash, and also join together and support charities in the Thames Valley area.

Caldarium M.C.C. Support various local services for children with special needs within the Oxfordshire area, and to date have raised over £35512.00.
We have delivered over 13064 Easter Eggs and 6408 cuddly toys, also donated toys and books, sweets, DVD’s, CD’s and flat screen TV’s for their play and therapy rooms.

Throughout the year we hold two fundraising events.
At Easter time, we deliver Easter Eggs to local schools and homes on our motorbikes and trikes.
We call this Yolk’s On You. We deliver to :
Bardwell special needs school.
Viking House respte centre and adjoining house.
Jack Howarth House Hill Top Road. In the evening we hold a fundraising party, to raise funds for the homes and schools we deliver to on the egg run. If there are any eggs left over from the run give them to Oxford day service.
On the last weekend of October we hold the Hex-Rated Rally, to raise money for two local charities SeeSaw and Flexicare. SeeSaw is a children’s bereavement service for children who have lost family members.
Flexicare is a babysitting service for special needs chlidren. Caldarium M.C.C. Would like to say a big thankyou to: All the residents of Horton-Cum-Studley, for allowing us to use their village hall.
All the Companies and inderviduals, who have supported the club over many years. Caldarium M.C.C. have had many fruitful and enjoyable years so far and look forward to enjoying many more.
And by the way although we are very good at raising money for charity, we also know how to party!